My mission is to promote
tolerance through understanding.

Hi, my name is Stanley Harsha, pictured here with my wife, Henny, daughter Annisa and son, Son.  I am retired U.S. diplomat with 30 years experience in Latin America, Africa and Asia. I spent most of my career in Asia, including 14 years in Indonesia, also working in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and East Timor. I am now devoted to promoting international understanding, tolerance and respect for human rights, in particular between Indonesia and the United States and between Muslims, Christians and Jews. My new book, "Like the Moon and the Sun," ("Seperti Bulan dan Matahari" in Indonesian language, deals with these topics. I also have started a blog where I expand on topic in my book. My work in international education and professional exchanges between the United States and Asia strives to build long lasting relationships that will benefit the U.S. and Asian countries, with focus on Indonesia, China and Vietnam.  I divide my time between my homes in the alpine setting of Conifer Colorado and the tropical paradise of Ubud, Bali (the Santa Fe of Indonesia). 

Here I am as U.S. Consul giving books and toys to children displaced from their homes when Mount Sinabung volcano in North Sumatra, Indonesia, erupted in 2009. Education is the greatest hope for Indonesia's young population. My family have their roots in two cultures, American and Indonesian, pictured here in front of Indonesia's great manmade wonder, the Hindu Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta. Henny and I spend half our time at our alpine Colorado home and the rest of the year in Ubud, Bali, an artists' Mecca and spiritual paradise, where tourism and ancient traditions live together in harmony.